Leroy & Dexter #69

"Wir lagen träumend im Gras, die Köpfe voll verrückter Ideen
Da sagte er nur zum Spaß: Komm', laß' uns
auf die Reise gehen…"

"Better than booze and easy to use
But it made me
mentally sick…"


frau mo hat gesagt…

ooooh, der klassiker:
schweres essen, 3 espresso hinterher, gruseligen film angucken, ab in die heia = alptraumgarantie.
sehr schön umgesetzt, herr gilke!

Frank Schmolke hat gesagt…

Yeeaaah! Chaos!!!

André Gribble hat gesagt…

Leroy in the sky with Dexter!
Ha ha ha, this is so much fun.
I love the way you play with different looks, without losing your trademark style.
I'm still trying to backtrack to the first episode to try to understand this saga better.

*Thanks for your very kid comments. I'm sort of a newbie at this blogging thing so there isn't that much to see yet. But keep coming by, I'll do my best to keep up.