Gilkistan VS. Illustration Friday #97: Silent

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Mike D hat gesagt…

Well, I got more bounce to the fuckin' bump
And then you want to know
Why it's cause I'm motherfuckin' truckin'
I'm in the pocket just like Grady Tate
I got supplies of beats so you don't have to wait
'Cause I'm the master blaster
Drinking up the shasta
My voice sounds sweet 'cause it has to
So light a match to my ass 'cause I'm blown up
I'd like to thank the people for just showin' up
But now I want y'all to move it
Put your point on the floor and just prove it
And I'm smurfin not rehearsin' gettin' live y'all
A little puffy so you know what I'm doin' right
'Cause that's the kind of frame of mind I'm in
I got a feelin' that's back again
So don't touch me 'cause I'm electric
And if you touch me you'll get shocked!

Frank H. hat gesagt…

beautiful art. enjoyed it!

caela hat gesagt…

hehe this is awesome :) Great style :D